Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Winter Interlude - Diving Bonaire

 What does a donkey sanctuary,
 thousands of flamingos,
and rocks painted yellow, have in common ? Bonaire !!!

What happens when sailors are faced with long Canadian winters ?
They go south and dive of course.
The choice this time was a dutch owned island named Bonaire. Part of the commonly referred to as the ABC islands together with Aruba and Curacao. It is famous for its donkey sanctuary, flamingos and its diving.

 The most popular vacation and attraction for divers heading to Bonaire is their "drive and dive"packages. There are 86 different dive sites. Many of these sites are assessible from shore. Thus you take a vehicle, look for yellow painted rocks that mark entry points to dive sites around the island and go for a dive. It is simple and fun.

You can dive on your own schedule. You can dive alot or a little. The choice is yours. Anyone who has experienced "unpleasant" co-divers on dive boats can really appreciate this style of vacation.

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