Saturday, March 23, 2013

Come on Spring !!

The calender says it is Spring..the weather man ..not so much. We are trying to arrange with the trucking company and crane to move the boat back near the water in about 10 days. At this moment the cradle is frozen solid to the ground..urg...the forecast says the daytime temperatures should go above freezing all week so we will have to put some salt down and try to get it thawed out a bit.
Once we get it back near the water we will need a couple days with temps above 60 F to get the last coat of bottom paint on before getting it in the water. Until that happens we will put all the topsides back together...lifelines, pulpits, new arch, wind power, solar panels...etc. If the weather cooperates with us we could be floating in just a few weeks !!
In the meantime I have been busy buying myself some "toys". I have always wanted a little kayak to explore the areas around where we anchor. Kyle's argument has been no space for said kayak. So last week when we walked into the marine store and saw an inflatable one on clearance for a mere $100 ( originally $349) I became the proud owner of it :)

For the past couple years as I have looked at my Walker Bay dingy in the basement of my house I have dreamed of getting a sail kit for it. The price has always been prohibitive $850. But I figure it is better to sail around little bays then use all that gas all the time. Plus the main engine and generator are both diesel so I do not want to carry a lot of gas around just for the dingy outboard. Our boat has a 7 ft draft so in many places we need to anchor further out than we would like. Well I guess after thinking about it for 2 yrs my husband decided it was not such a bad idea. So we bought it !!

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