Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where are you going ?

Where are you going ? The most popular question after you tell people you are going sailing. If my husband answers it is simple, South Pacific to dive. If I answer the newfie in me just has to give a longer explanation. When we leave my daughter, Kelly, will be in University. Not to mention our other kids, granddaughter and family are all still here. The distance from them will certainly be hard for me at first. So I have asked that we spend the first couple years in the Caribbean. I know that any day of the week I can jump on any island and fly back to Toronto if there is an emergency with the kids or other family. Or if Kelly decides to come sail with us for awhile she can do the same. As well family and friends can easily fly down and spend a week here or there with us.
We have been lots of places already, however there are still a lot more we have not experienced yet. Our first year we will plan to be in Cozumel for Christmas and New Years. Kelly and Ally (another daughter currently in University) are going to fly down and spend that time with us. After that we will slowly head to Grenada where we will probably hang out for hurricane season. Once we have explored the Caribbean we will head to the Panama Canal, maybe head to the Galapagos islands, Hawaii, Easter Island ?? Once we get across the Pacific we will probably apply to get a visa to work in Australia and replenish our traveling kitty a little before heading out to the south pacific islands. We know many other Canadians who have easily been granted permission to work in Aussie. As dive instructors we are hoping we can get a little work around the reef.

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