Thursday, January 23, 2014

Time to Start Mapping Out A Route

Let me preface this by saying that I refuse to allow fear to dictate where we go. Health, Finances and ultimately Mother Nature will determine where, how and how long we go somewhere.
With 155 days or so left on land we need to start planning a couple different routes South. We read a lot of blogs, cruiser sites, and facebook pages to see who is doing what and what is happening in different parts of the world.
From what we have been reading lately theft, robbery and violence has been increasing quite steadily in the Caribbean Islands. With the economies in North America not being great in the last few years the island economies suffer as well. People get desperate. They see what they perceive to be "rich yacht people" and things don't end well. Dingy and outboard theft are really high. Unfortunately armed robberies are increasing as well. There have been some notable robberies that have ended in death and life threatening injuries.

St. Lucia 62 yr old man killed
Woman attacked with Machete

These stories have made us take a hard look at where we might travel or not travel. When we have travelled by air and stayed on resorts we have always felt safe everywhere. We have built into our boat some security features, a loud alarm, bars on the large hatch openings, etc. But if we can go to an island that has a lower risk or take a route that has a series of "safer" places then why not ? Since we have already travelled extensively in the Caribbean we have no need or "burning desire" to go back to certain places.
One exception for us is Cozumel. We have "family" there. Since it will be our first Christmas away from home other friends and family are going to fly there and spend Christmas 2014 with us. But after that what ?As we stand looking over wind and wave maps we spot San Andres Island.

San Andres
Click this link then Scroll down for the map

We went there a few years back and absolutely loved it. So now we are thinking that instead of going out on east side of the island chain and down to Grenada for hurricane season, maybe we will go from Cozumel to Cayman-Jamaica-Providencia-San Andres-Costa Rica-Panama ??? There are so many choices and decisions. Wonder what Mother Nature will say ? As I prepare for tomorrows forecast snow storm and -30c wind chills I will keep looking at my maps and remember that next January I will be at one of these places. Below are a few pictures of our last trip to San Andres.

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