Thursday, April 10, 2014

House is Sold !

The house has sold ! As of June 24 2014 we will be full-time Liveaboard Cruisers. Now comes time to get rid of "land stuff" and decide what will be going with us. Our youngest daughter is going off to University and will be taking many of the household items. Our son and his wife will also be taking some. Then we need to have a HUGE garage sale.
Over the past few years I have been slowly acquiring and switching out items that are more "boat worthy" and packing up the others for the kids. You do not really give much thought to some of these things when you live in a big house but things are different on a boat.
I started with switching from paper books to Kindle Books  . I love my Kindle and many books are free.

Then I headed to the kitchen. A galley and a kitchen are similar but not the same. I will be cooking with propane not electricity, my cupboard space is much less, things move (insert spill) and my work area is smaller. So I will be giving my daughter the expensive, large pots and pans and taking these nesting pots

The pots all nest inside each other and have a removable handle that can be used with any of them. They take up much less space but still provide me with a good quality pot to cook with.
Boats move..sometimes a lot. Also when in the south you need to contend with humidity and bugs. So having good quality storage containers that will not spill is essential. They should also be square as they nest better and take up less space than round ones. I have found that I really love my Lock & Lock Containers because you know the lids are shut tight. I also still have all my Tupperware Modular Mates that are square or rectangle. My daughter gets all the round ones. So she is happy too.

The next item I gave thought to was the food to go into these pots and containers. Since we plan to anchor  as much as possible because budget living and marinas do not play well together.  Getting groceries onto the boat via dinghy  can be a tricky task. Who wants wet flour ? Experience as a scuba diver told me that dry bags  were about to become my new best friends.

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