Sunday, June 8, 2014

Just a couple weeks to go

We are almost there. Just a couple weeks to go. We have been saying goodbye to friends, packing up the house and cancelling all our land based needs. It is a lot of work. Once we move aboard full time in a couple weeks I will spend more time on these posts. For now a quick update of the happenings.
We have four small windows in our boat bedroom. My husband made us these four small stained glass inserts to allow us light and privacy without curtains in the windows. 
He has also been sewing. He made covers for the dodger windows, cover for the cooler and for the diesel cans on deck to keep the sun off of everything. 

We have enjoyed a family and friends BonVoyage party. As well as a two church dinners in our honour. Last night we were presented with a beautiful quilt for our church friends. It has a nautical theme and the stitching patterns are ships wheels, anchors, waves and sailboats. It is stunning !

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