Wednesday, January 11, 2017

San Blas Islands, Panama - Kuna Yala

South of the Panama Canal, but still on the Caribbean side of Panama, is a wonderful place called Kuna Yala. Otherwise known to tourists as the San Blas Islands. The islands there are beautiful. They are very much like the islands you would see in the South Pacific. There are hundreds of them. Few of them actually have people living on them. There are many rules here. No scuba, no windsurfing, no spearing fish, no touching coconuts..etc. The rules are stated to be in place to protect the old ways of life for the Guna Yala people. Many of them have cell phones, run businesses, spear fish themselves etc...but that is a debate for a different time and place. If you are willing to abide the rules it is a once in a lifetime experience. The snorkeling is great ! The water is warm and crystal clear. Locals will paddle up to your boat to sell you lobster or crab for a few dollars, still alive ! You can truly get lost here and just be.

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