Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Couple More Days in Fairhaven NY

From Main Duck Island back to Fairhaven NY (Little Sodus Bay) it was a 39 nm trip. The winds and waves were getting higher as we approached. A check of the forecast told us that once we passed thru the breakwall we would be basically "stuck" in the bay for a couple days. The breakwall entrance is narrow, shallow (7-8 ft) and sits in a perfect North-South line. Thus when the strong easterly or westerly takes over the lake the water between these walls is like a washing machine. Once inside the bay however is was extremely calm and smooth sailing.
There happened to be other members of the Royal Hamilton YC vacationing here too. So we tied up next to them and enjoyed a couple days of drinking, swimming, eating and laughing.
FYI - A good way to let the kids go swimming at night is to make them wear a wetsuit so they do not sink and tie some glow sticks around there necks :)

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