Friday, May 25, 2012

Heading Back

We started to make our journey back home via Georgina Island and then Main Duck Island before heading back to the American side of the lake. Georgina Island is 23 nm from Brockville and part of the National Parks. It has docks that sit directly beneath the Thousands Island Bridge. On the island itself there are camp facilites, trails, pinic shelters and outhouses. We met some nice families whom we joined for a night of campfires and marshmallows.
We sailed a further 43 nm to Main Duck Island the next day. Main Duck is 2 miles long, 0.8 miles wide and unhabitated. For those travelling between Canada and the USA it can provide a safe refuge from storms.
When we first arrived in Collins Bay YC near Kingston Ontario we met a man who had a lot of experience going to Main Duck. Since we had never been, he shared with us the GPS coordinates of an old sunken barge in the bay to which we could tie up to and sleep well. When we approached these markers, now 2 weeks later, there was this man whom we had met. So we rafted to his boat and our families had a great day together.

After a great night of drinks, food and new friends we headed 39nm across Lake Ontario to Fairhaven NY again, as we promised ourselves we would.

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