Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Admilrante-Changuinola Panama (Bocas Del Toro Region)

Travel from Bocas Town :
watertaxi to Admilrante is $6 and takes 25 minutes
Admilrante to Changuinola is about 40 minutes by land, can taxi or bus
Admilrante to David is four hours by bus $20
Admilrante to Panama City is 10 hours by bus and $28 ( twice a day 8 am or 7 pm)
flights from Bocas to Panama city or David are about $75 plus tax each way on Air Panama

While Bocas Town has a nice small shopping area, you must go to the mainland for major provisions or repairs.
 In David, there is a PriceMart, similar to Costco or Sams Club. There are people here in Bocas who for a 5-10% upcharge will shop for you there.
In Changuinola, there are larger grocery stores and some machinists.
Changuinola is also the home to Chiquita Banana. There are banana trees everywhere.

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