Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Albequerque Cays

From Providencia Columbia we sailed overnight 80 nm to the Albequerque Cays. These are two very small reef protected Cays that do not really exist according to Google Earth....go ahead look it up..they are blacked out. We happened to meet another boat in Proveidencia that had been here..loved it and gave us the GPS way points to gain access inside the reef. They were stunning ! The one island has a few Columbian fisherman who come and go form San Andres and the other had about 7 Columbia Navy men on it. They looked at our boat papers and invited us to stay as long as we wanted. This place was paradise found. Brain corals as large as our boat, Lots of fish. Could have stayed here forever ! Also had dolphins escort us in and out of the reef.

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