Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Crossed from Marathon Florida to Varadero Cuba then Havana

As Canadians we have been to Cuba many times. We love it. The country is beautiful, as are its people. We sailed overnight from Bootkey Habor Marina in Florida. About 90 nm. We checked into Darsena Varadero Marina. It was easy and simple. They would not even except a cola, they said they were not allowed to take anything from us as they did not want to appear as taking a bride. There are guards out front and everything is well protected and safe. We did not even lock the boat. The docks are clean and well cared for. This marina is a short walk to Santa Marta where they have a wonderful local market and shopping center. It is a short taxi or bus ride to Varadero "tourist" beach and area which is always beautiful.

In sharp contrast Muriel Hemmingway Marina could not wait to ask us for "stuff". The marina was not well guarded and open to the local "child protestutes" 14-18 yr olds seeking older Canadian men to support them...and there were lots of takers...digusting pedophiles to me ...could not wait to leave there. There are no docks, just rough concrete walls, power and water did not always work. The staff told us to take their friends "taxis" to town for $15, when the other boaters had already told us there was a free shuttle a few times a day.  We have been many places in Cuba ..loved them all..this was the exception to the rule. Please do not judge Cuba by this Marina.

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