Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bocas Del Toro Panama

Bocas Del Toro Panama is the region,It is below the hurricane zone. We are in Bocas Marina at present. Bocas town is a nice small area with lots of provisioning possibilities. The town itself is full of hostels, surfers, divers, grocery stores, restaurants and hardware stores. It attracts many of the younger surfer crowd and has a very "bohemian" feel to it. From here you can take a water taxi or plane to the mainland and then bus fairly cheaply to the interior of Panama or Costa Rica. The Bocas Marina itself will order anything West Marine or Marine Warehouse carries it the USA and ship it here for you. There is also a gentleman that organizes containers to be filled in Miami and shipped here every couple months, you pay by the square inch, not weight. And a wonderful boat full of fresh veggies and fruit is her every Saturday morning.

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