Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting to know SeeShell

The Christmas before my mother-in-law passed away her gift to me was personalized license plates. SEESHELL because my name is Shelley and she knew my passion for the sea. When we brought our new boat over the border we had to register it with the Canadian government and pick a name. In her honour SeeShell seemed the perfect name to us.

We were sure we could gain lots of practical sailing experience if the boat was close to our home. Also we wanted a little knowledge help from those who grew up sailing. Thus we joined the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club so both would be possible. The RHYC is in a bay that is protected a little from the fetch of Lake Ontario but still linked to the Lake. In order to get out to the Lake on a sailboat you have to wait for a bridge to lift.

There is a fixed skyway and lift bridge beside eachother.
The first time going under I was sure we were going to hit.

It is made for the bigger guys.
But worth the sail to the other side. Lake Ontario is 193 miles long, 53 miles wide, with an average depth of 300 ft and a max depth of 802 ft. Certainly large enough to practice some tactics we will need at sea. (In 782 days from now)

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