Monday, May 14, 2012

Rochester to Sodus Bay, NY

We enjoyed Rochester so much that we stayed 2 days and left on the promise that we would come back for a few days the way home again.
Our next stop was 32 nm east, Sodus Bay. Until now we have had sun, warmth and smooth sailing. So as is bound to happen sooner or later it rained. We finally got to try out the expensive foul weather gear we had purchased for just this occasion. Kyle also got to make sure the gimballed stove worked as well as he made himself coffee to warm up and dry out. ( Gimballed Stove means that the stove moves as the boat moves, so if the sailboat is slanted left, so is the stove, this avoids nasty messes)

Our luck held out however and as we approached the Sodus Bay YC the rain stopped. Well after a good rain storm they say is a good time to fish. So we also decided to try out the new Penn fishing reels we had purchased. We have been throwing them out behind the boat when the wind was light and we were only making a knot or two forward motion. But had no luck. We had more luck at the dock. Kelly caught her first baby fish. Although I think it is funny to point out that the child I could never get to put a dress or skirt before decided that now while fishing and living on a boat was a good time to dress up ..LOL

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