Monday, May 7, 2012

The Beginning - The 7 Year Plan

I had always wanted to learn how to scuba dive. Growing up I watched some of my uncles jump into the ocean and thought how amazing it must be to breath underwater. About 13 years ago, while starting to go thru a divorce, I signed up for scuba diving lessons. I did  not realize at the time that I was about to embark on an adventure that would change my whole life.

I quickly fell in love with everything water, diving, fishing and travelling. It was not long before I met a diving instructor who shared my vision of someday diving around the world. His name is Kyle and 10 years ago we married. Together we have 4 children. We built a wonderful house with an apartment in it for Kyle's mom and started a beautiful life together.

At first we travelled and dove every chance we got. We have friends who own a scuba shop in Cozumel Mexico and we spent 5 summers there working/diving. In between, in order to escape the long Canadian winters, we travelled and dove in places such as St.Lucia, Cuba, San Andres, Jamaica, Florida, and Bonaire.

Five years ago our lives changed. My sister's breast cancer had metastasized, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, Kyle's mom was diagnosed with cancer and very quickly lost her life. As we mourned we decided we wanted more out of our already good lives. Thus the 7 year plan started.

We decided that when the youngest child went off to University, we would go off sailing. We would sail to wonderful places where we could dive, and no longer shovel snow. Problem one, I needed to learn to sail. Problem two, we needed to buy a boat.

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  1. God I love you guys! Reading this just makes me miss you more! You are the coolest people I know and when I grow up I wanna BE you! I'd rather be on the adventure with you guys but I guess this blog will have to do! Great idea! Look forward to reading each new entry!