Friday, May 18, 2012

Taking a Dive into the St Lawrence

Well you knew sooner or later we were going to pick up a buoy and go diving. There are hundreds of wrecks in the St.Lawrence River. Many dive companies charge to take people diving in this area. However since it is a national park anyone with a boat can tie up and go under.Kyle decided to dive a wreck called the Keystorm. It is a 256 foot long steel hull cargo vessel.  She lies in American waters on the south side of Outer Scow Island Shoal near Goose Bay.  There are 2 buoys marking the wreck. The northern one takes you down  25 feet to the pilot house and usually has light to medium current. The southern buoy takes you down to about 45 feet to view her 4 huge open cargo holds and loading booms. Her stern engine room and props lie at 103’.
Summer water temperatures in the St.Lawrence River reach 75 F and the visiblilty is great thanks to the zebra mussels. For those new to this region please note that the zebra mussel shells can be quite sharp cutting thru gloves.
For those interested in diving this region there is a lot of available information online.

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