Monday, May 7, 2012

Solve Problem 1 - Learn to Sail

We live near the Great Lakes in Ontario Canada. My husband, Kyle, grew up on Lake Ontario and had a little sailing experience. My family hails from Newfoundland. They all have speed boats. So while I spent a great deal of time on and in the water growing up I had never sailed.

So I started where everyone starts, with an online search engine. Typing in Sailing Schools returned many results. So I read and searched and checked and then decided on a sailing school in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The program we decided on allowed us to live on a 38 ft catamaran for a week while learning.

Well I loved it ! I am a little biased but I think I am a natural. The navigation components of the course were fairly easy for me to learn and the sailing was fun. We sailed from Fort Lauderdale down to Key Largo and back.

Returning to Canada with our now American Sailing Credentials we decided we had better get our Canadian ones as well. We joined the Canadian Sail and Power Squadron and took courses in Basic Boating, Navigation, Weather, and Advanced Piloting.

Now to put all this into action...we need a sailboat.

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