Monday, May 14, 2012

Crossing to America

While researching what we would need legally to go back and forth between Canada and the USA by boat we discovered that our lives would be much easier if we invested the time and money into getting Nexus passes. Nexus/Goes is a "trusted frequent traveller program". For anyone who travels alot it is well worth the $90. Basically you are pre-screened by both the Canadian and American governments to enter eachothers countries at will. They fingerprint, iris scan, interview and background check you. If you pass their criteria you can use your card by calling a phone number from your boat and not have to seek out ports with video phones or immigration offices. By car we have a special Nexus only bridge..that never has line ups. And by plane we iris scan at a machine and do not have to talk to anyone or wait in line...We love it !
Okay enough digression, back to the story. A 59 nm sail across the lake brought us to Rochester New York. What a beautiful little town. We headed for their yacht club which had a pool and internet. Making our daughter a very happy girl.
The restaurant at the club has become one of Kyle's favourites. The surrounding area is well worth exploring. We love Rochester. It is one of our favourite places to go now.

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