Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We have a boat so let's sail ...well soon

After we purchased the Catalina in Harvard, MA we checked our options to bring it to Canada. We would have loved to have sailed it home but I was new to sailing. Also we had already commited to spending a month in Cozumel, Mexico that summer. So we hired a broker and had it trucked to it's new home at RHYC in Hamilton. And then we went to Mexico to teach Scuba Diving !

Cozumel is a scuba divers paradise. The island has a proctected Marine Park on the west side on the island. The coral reefs on this side of the island is also protected naturally by the island itself. Looking across the water on a clear day you can see Playa Del Carmen on the mainland, which many refer to as the Mayan Riveria. They have the beaches, Cozumel has the reefs.

Our friends operate a Scuba Diving and Fishing business. Sushi Anyone ???

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